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I suppose that you could call this an 'author's inquiry' since I'm still looking for additional material about Sebring, specifically 1961, and my car's history.  Did you or anyone you know attend the Sebring race between 1959 and 1962 and do you have access to pictures or movies? One of the things that has eluded me to date is a picture of my car from the rear. There is one very poor image that show's the back of  #43 through the windshield of another car behind it. In this picture it is apparent that there is a British registration number on the back but it cannot be read. It would be great to have photos that show the interior and any under bonnet or boot details

the spare, each of the other wheels is marked with the name 'Wes' and LF, RF, RR, and LR. The owner of Ship 'n Shore Motors, Ed Bussey, thought the car may have been sold to someone who was into rallying. If anyone reading this was active in SCCA motorsports in Florida in the mid '60's does the name 'Wes' or a black MGA RHD coupe ring any bells? Does anyone have copies of the SCCA's southern regional magazine from that
Likewise , I'm looking for information on the history of my car in the years immediately after the race. I know that the car was sold off by Ship 'n Shore Motors of West Palm Beach, Florida in late '61 or early '62 and that it ended up on a used car lot called Feddon Motors of Orlando in late '67 or early '68. After this point I know all of the owners of the car. I have tracked down the son and grandson of the late owner of Feddon Motors and learned that the business only existed for 3-4 years from approximately '66 to '70 and dealt almost exclusively in sports and high performance automobiles. The State of Florida Motor vehicles insists that records that old have been destroyed. What I do know is that someone named Wes or with the initials WES must have owned the car before it was sold at Feddon Motors. The photo shows the inside of
too. If you know of any sources please let me know.
period? Could you search for a 'Wes' driving an MGA in the rally results? Any and all help would be deeply appreciated. Use the link below if you want to contact me. Thanks.
                                                                                                             Frank Graham
               from Today's Motor Sports, Vol.1, No.12 June 1961
Mystery Solved!
The photo below, which was found for sale on eBay, clearly shows that #43 carried the registration PR.120 which would appear to be a completely bogus number used to give the car the appearnce of being legally registered while driven the 12 or so miles on the public roads from Avon Park, where the team garage facility was located, to the track in Sebring. If the number were PRX120 then it might have been a legitimate Abingdon registration but, as far as I know, the period was never part of a genuine British registration.