Chassis and Suspension
As the chassis was stripped down, photos and drawings were made of the details, like the exact routing of the brake lines and the orientation of each nut and bolt. All small parts and hardware were placed in zip lock bags and their location marked on the bag as the parts were removed. One note about the photo on the right, the quick lift crossmember had been removed and is lying
across the front extension. It had a pretty good bend in it that took a lot of time to straighten out.  Most of the damage to the body had occurred sitting out in the weather, the chassis on the other hand had a nice coat of grease and undercoating ( definitely added after the race ) and was
almost in perfect shape. The only areas damaged were at the front of the floorboard rails where water had collected with the windshield out. Once completely stripped the chassis was media blasted and sprayed with a Sherman Williams acid etch primer. Some of the additional lightening holes are visible in the front crossmember. Other alterations include the hole in the upright of the 'goal post' portion of the chassis, the wiring harness passes through there.
Below was the worst damage to the chassis which was actually pretty minor. The replacement floorboard rails came from Todd Clarke. The side pieces are supplied straight and have to be bent, I cut a series of thin slits with a cut off wheel and bent the piece to the correct contour, then welded up the slits and ground them smooth. The right hand photo also shows more of the lightening holes in the front crossmember.
In the picture below on the left you can see how the battery boxes have been removed and only one part was left to support the flex hose for the rear brakes. The fuel pump brackets have also been removed. The rear quick lift brackets are visible at the bottom of the picture. The right hand picture is the complete repairs ready for paint.